Saturday, July 25, 2015

SBU pack of lies exposed snizhne buk video made prior to 14th

The sbu released an apparent rebel intercepted phonecall onto youtube claiming that russia had smuggled a buk-M1 into ukraine  the time and date of this phone call is dated 14-07-2014 the major problems with this SBU intercept is that the area they say the buk was smuggled into ukraine was under the control of the ukrainian army at the time although the livemap may not be 100% accurate ukraine army did control a sizable part of the south east area making it highly unlikely russia {or rebels} would risk transporting through an area where it would be captured or destroyed by the ukraine army

 The official story from kievis that on the morning of he 17th russia sent this Buk-M1 across the border where i was sent to donetsk and apparently photographed at approximately 10.00am .and then later videoed in snizhne and repored by eliot higgins as being 13.30 on the 17-07-2014. but the video ukrainian army uploaded to youtube claims they intercepted rebel phonecall on the 14th and in the same video shows this "rebel buk in snizhne"

the video itself may have been made between 5=14th july {without the buk in shot} when there was a major bombardment of the suar mohyla area in the video of the buk in snizhne if you look a the horizon you can what appears to be smoke rising from the area 

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