Friday, July 24, 2015

proof eliot higgins knows kiev are lying

On july 19th eliot tweeted that he found the exact location of this torez buk photo and he used suncalc to get the approximate time of the photo which according to the suncalc time and location link he put in his tweet the time is 10.15am go to that tweet  link here    as i'm certain eliot will delete this tweet when he reads this here is a screen grab of that tweet   visit the location link he tweeted here,38.61   {for satellite image click top right of suncalc page}

However his bellingcat page now completely contradicts his own tweet his bellingcat page "origin of the separatist buk" now states that this photo is 12.30  this is a blatant attempt by eliot higgins to give legitimacy to the utter bullshit story he is peddling for the ukrainian SBU left side photo is from his bellingcat page and right side photo is the suncalc image he posted in his tweet ....

i brought up this very discrepancy of suncalc torez buk photo and what he now claims on his origins of the buk story with eliot only for him to reply that "you do realize there is a 2 hour difference" which is complete nonsense for two reason

1 the location of the servers of suncalc is completely irrelevant to the usability of the app you type in the location,day and month you wish to view and app calculates timezone for that area and you use the slider for the time of day  eliot scoffed at my assessment of his discrepancy in the kiev official story

2 even if this two hour difference is applied the shadows cast in the donetsk and torez buk photos both indicate 10.00 {donetsk} and 10.15 {torez} am {or 12 noon if we apply eliots two hour difference excuse} 

And as the below map and photos show how can the same buk be in donetsk at 10.00am then cover 60km to be in torez 15 minutes later 

As you can see by eliot's own tweet he used suncalc and by using it he knows this contradicts kiev's official story he instead continues to peddle the obvious bullshit story from tweet pages of members of kiev volunteer groups which makes a complete mockery of the victims of  MH17

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