Sunday, October 23, 2016

MH17 the buk that never was

In the following days after the mh17 crash it was widely reported that the ukrainian government had all the evidence that russia and the rebels were behind the attack. They released a number of photos and video of the apparent journey of this buk which simply doesn't add up

Crossing from russia at approximately 1.30 am according to the SBU and was supposed to be deployed to pervomiaske however it managed to be sent to donetsk and was apparently parked up all morning in the city for a number of hours {later to be at the "parismatch location}. No photos or video exists of it in the city. the only social media posts referring to this is from pro kiev activists many of which do not live in donetsk such as @wowihay

The paris match photo widely shown as the russian provided buk given to the rebels on the morning of the 17th was attributed to a french photo journalist alfred de montesquiou and widely stated as such.  After the 25th july publication of paris match in which this photo is featured however when paris match was contacted by david clinch and they stated that alfred did not take the photo rather it was given to him by 2 anonymous AP reporters. They apparently told alfred they took this photo and had spoken to one of the drivers in this convoy and had a broad russian accent. This is 100% false as the JIT released an official story in oct 2016 which included the apparent donetsk buk.  The paris match photo was a screen grab from a video as a car driver was passing this convoy and they did not stop at the scene so these apparent AP reporters are clearly lying that they stopped for a chat and that they took a photograph.

Prior to the release of the october official JIT report in which the video is shown i was highly suspicious of this paris match "photo" because if you look at the truck cab it is clear and small details are easily identified however the buk is fuzzy and out of focus and seems awkward on the trailer how can there be two different image qualities within the same picture if not manipulated ??  The 3rd photo below contains the JIT released video in october 2016. after the torez video explains the so called journey of this buk before the attack on mh17 before it's return to russia on the 18th july    

The photo shown in paris match 25th july  

Apart from the paris match "photo" looking highly suspect the video just confirms it although PM did not manipulate the image it was the SBU supplied video that is manipulated to include this fuzzy buk but it clearly shows the car dealership across the road which has bomb damage to the store front. This is significant because donetsk city center was not bombed by the ukraine until the 21st july. of course i could be instantly branded a conspiracy theorist but i have searched as much as possible on google and russian/ukrainian blogpages but there is no mention of bomb or grad strikes prior to the 21st . Only the outskirts of donetsk sustained attack damage by the ukraine army while they began to attack donetsk from the 7th july  Which means the video was created between 21st july to 24/25 july for a screen grab to be shown in paris match. And as stated by the SBU and the JIT the "russian"buk went back to russia on the 18th    Below the 3 photos you can visit the articles ......Or search online for yourself..... ***note the russian town of donetsk came under mortar fire on the 13th not to be confused with donetsk ukraine*** 

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So the apparent russian buk that brought down mh17 cannot have carried out the attack as it "went back to russia" on the 18th and the donetsk video was made after the 21st......proof that the SBU and kiev supplied false videos and photos to the JIT to prove russia/rebel guilt thus confirming their own guilt in murdering 298 civilians......