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pavel aleynikov

pavel aleynikov  alleged buk contrail photographer

Two photos that were taken and said to be the in the immediate moments after the crash and purportedly from an anonymous witness who i later found out to be pavel aleynikov {UKRAINIAN ARMY} who stated that he took both of these photos within 10-20 seconds photo with the black smoke is the impact site of mh17 north of his apartment and photo 2 is what he said was the buk vapor trail east of torez to the south of his apartment bloc 

Pavel then claimed in a interview with the media that he went and handed the photo {sim card} to his friend vladymir djukov  who uploaded them to twitter 15 minutes after the crash before passing it on to the SBU and the SBU compensated him for the sim card.  However vladymir {ukrainie army} was deployed in Amvrosievka 50km  and when contacted by dutch investigators he gave them his camera to them why would he do this as the photos are on the sim card 

And to date pavel is the only known "eyewitness"  to a buk being launched of the thousands of ukraine and rebels engaged in battle around suar mohyla not a single one ever reported seeing a buk or any other anti aircraft missile being fired 

Pavel also uploads his photography work to many sites under the name to sites like websta rescuero and from what i gather from his work he has very high quality cameras as seen on panoramio profile bellingcat never said what type of camera that was used to take the buk contrail photo however going through pavel's work i suspect it was a nikon d7000 that he had at time time or a nikon d5100

Also  notice the difference in impact of mh 17 {dull and overcast} and the contrail photo bright and sunny calls into question that the contrail photo was taken on the same day . Eliot higgins was also very secretive on the type of camera pavel used but it could be a  nikon d5100 judging by previous photos pavel uploaded to panoramio here   and as keen photographer i am surprised his photos of the alleged buk plume is so bad 

A number of photos were widely distributed of the buk contrail proving rebels shot down mh 17 and all were taken by anonymous witness but as we know now it is pavel aleynikov and in his account he states that he took the photos from either or both his balcony and the roof of his apartment block within a few minutes of the crash of mh17 on the 17th pavel is lying through his teeth because the smoke plume is not from a buk missile he says was fired on the 17th {13.20uc} it is from a grad and artillery strike carried out on the area of  suar mogila  

Pavel's own tweets posted just prior the mh17 attack {13.20utc} confirms that this "buk contrail" photo is of a grad artillery strike

 {click for link to tweets} here {4.53 minutes before attack}

link to tweet here  {3.49 minutes before attack}

link to tweet here   {1.03 minutes before attack}

picture 1 is one of those shared as the "buk contrail" orange line to the source of the smoke 
picture 2  i have rotated the overview of the area from where pavel took the photo the red line is towards a mound of a sand/dirt line towards a number of trees line is towards the mineworks 
picture 3 is a brightened and magnified image shared by bellingcat {from his page} 
picture 4 is a more panoramic image

image 5 an corrected image overview as seen on google maps and shows to where lines leads too
image 6 a zoomed out view to include the direction of the source of the smoke plume it is along the route of the orange line but not outside purple lines source appears to be beyond treeline at first two blue stars ..smoke plume is within the area of the six stars 
image 7 is the area i suspect is the source of this smoke plume in the yellow diamond 
image 8 is the site south of snizhne and north of the saur mogila tower monument and you can clearly see the area is heavily damaged  

I am aware that the videos show the saur mohyla monument and not the site i have marked but it's clear this area was under attack throughout july.  Yellow diamond marker could be the area pavel refers to when he tweeted "black smoke visible west of saur tomb"

The below videos were posted to youtube on the 3rd  and 5th july camera viewpoint is most likely the same location from where a bbc russia reporter covered the so called buk launch where she interviews eyewitnesses ...It is inline with the marked photos and is the approximate distance to saur mohyla and in the video you can see a stand out tree as with the bbc report  which is a short distance to pavel aleynikov's apartment if anyone can provide an alternate location i would consider it 

 As part of their "proof" kiev ,,bellingcat and western media published the buk plume photo as proof and bellingcat later published photos of russian satellite photos which he put through the online site photo forensics to "prove russians are lying" this photo has nothing to do with the mh17 buk plume but this will be bellingcats undoing 

The owner of the site    was asked what he thought of bellingcat's conclusion on the photo to which he was less than complimentary on his analysis and twitter users asked neal krawetz to look at the buk plume photo to which he stated that after examining it the buk plume photo bellingcat has used as part of his proof  is very heavily altered see the tweet in question by clicking the image. It is becoming more obvious {except to bellingcat} that kiev have put out a substantial amount of false information


so either the buk contrail "evidence" is from 5th july or from pavels tweets abou a grad attack 4 hours before mh17 was shot down his own tweets prove that he never witnessed or heard a buk being fired at 13.20 ...What he did see was an artillery strike at saur mohyla 4 hours prior to the mh17 attack and is currently telling a pack of lies when he {the only recorded witness to a buk launch} in order to reinforce the SBU cock and bull story and making a mockery of the victims 

The dutch safety board have never even interviewed pavel much less asked him to take a polygraph test which is a massive disservice to the victims of this pre-planned murder of 298 people

visit the locations just copy/paste  into your browser 

camera viewpoint   48.048260, 38.639161

from where both videos where shot  48.031650, 38.687278

where suspected origin of the "buk plume" 47.999833, 38.762940

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the cock and bull story fed to us by kiev and bellingcat

{note that this was an earlier report that was based on the story peddled by bellingcat and kiev and they withheld the witnesses behind the "anonymous witness" narrative because these witnesses were in fact ukrainian army which is a humiliation to the families of mh17 ...these people were serving their own selfish agenda and are a disgrace .....but thanks to a dutch blogger who travelled to ukraine and fill in a small but very crucial piece of the puzzle the names of the so-called witness so thank you to max van der werff 

the problem with the bellingcat rebel buk theory is the 312 buk  belongs to the ukrainian army which was at training op just south of donetsk 16th july and the alleged rebel owned buk was photo-shopped {badly} and no missile parts were ever found.

While he is quite detailed in focusing on only the alleged russian supplied buk and only one aspect of it. However he completely dismisses as "russian propaganda" if you point out that the ukraine army owns buk 312 and that ukraine had su25 in the area. He also failed to state that there was a massive battle between rebel fighters and the kiev government just south of torez and snizhne. Another key failure of his report is that he relied on social media reports from twitter and facebook given to him by pro kiev bloggers.and the SBU.And simply scoffed at any information given to him by anyone who was at odds with his narrative.And never once visited ukraine to see for himself these points of interest or spoke to any people surrounding the events.

All the while dismissing as idiotic or russian propagandists -forensic scientists, -UN weapon specialists, -eye witnesses on the day, -osce members, -su25 pilots, -missile specialists, -a former crew member on buk312, -and former pilots from europe according to bellingcat {eliot higgins} all the above people are morons who dont know what they are taking about. Quite an assertion  from somebody who has never been involved in any specialist forensic or military field attributed to the above people.

i have little doubt that eliot came across the information i will post so i find it puzzling that he came to the conclusion that rebels shot down mh17 after finding this information using "open sources" suncalc and google images one tweet led to the next and on too the "sources" who posted videos etc etc . No doubt that i will be accused as a russian propagandist but i will be using the pro ukrainian tweets-blogs-video postings-message board posts and their own "evidence" to prove they are bullshitting on level that exceeds that of walter mitty and i challenge anybody to prove or show that i have posted any falsehoods and screaming "you're a kremlin troll liar" is not proof. 

bellingcat working on the information that was supplied to him by the SBU and  those who have a vested interest in hiding the facts is a willing conduit for the blatant falsehoods put out by kiev and while using suncalc he knows full well that the snizhne buk is unrelated to the buk photographed in donetsk and he withheld the names of the so called witness not to protect his safety but because he is ukraine army and for reasons know only to himself completely ignored these key facts

 1 Kiev su25 and attack helicopters were very active in the area including 2 su25 that were shot down the day before  Battle lines were only a short distance north and south of mh17 crash site                                           
 Ukrainian army had 27 buk systems deployed in the donetsk region including 3 units just 10kms from the alleged launch site on the 16th july 2014 and even had a promotional video on their military site. Ukrainian army owns the buk unit with the tag number 312 that they initially said was rebel owned and blatantly  lied about it                                  
Kiev was posting evidence on youtube the day prior to the crash of a supposed  phone call between rebels which is dubious at best and was quickly deleted when  they realized time and date is visible.  Bellingcat never questioned the agenda of those giving him the videos or if the supposed photos and videos were actually taken at the time that was told to him                                                                                                                                                  
 4 western governments and media never once produced one once of actual proof the rebels attacked mh17 or even that a buk missile was actually fired instead relying on kiev governments blatant lies and i will expose their criminality.  

no parts of a buk missile have been found anywhere near the crash site and eyewitnesses were completely ignored by osce who stated the "well we think it was a buk" a considerable number of local people saw exactly what happened but bellingcat calls these people liars as it doesn't fit in with the cock and bull story fed to him by the SBU

the us state department claim buk was fired south of snizhne complete with bellingcats video backing that up at approx 1.00-130 {mh17 crashed at 13.20} however the alleged photographed vapor trail was just east of torez 8km away and buk has a top speed of 20km and would take 20-25 minutes to get to the alleged firing point so either the photo is fake are the video is fake they cant both be real .Also why has none of the thousands of ukrainian troops fighting at suar mogila just a few km away ever report seeing a buk vapor contrail 

7bellingcat makes no reference to the alleged rebel phone intercept admitting that they shot down mh17 as it would later be exposed as an audio of multiple conversations on different dates or the fact that donbass battalion who were in the area and even being anti russian extremists not one of them ever stated they saw a buk launch despite that area being stated as the launch site 

All the so called witnesses that photographed the buk trail,,buk in donetsk,,,buk in torez in zurhes and snizhne and the impact site are members of the ukrainian military and SBU eliot knows this and claimed that they wanted to remain anonymous when in fact he knows they are in ukrainian military . key figures who "tracked" the progress of this buk  and runs the twitter page @wowihay . Pavel aleynikov who is also in the ukrainian army and took the vapor trail photo...Volodymir kuhar a member the ukraine army stationed in kiev but managed to take the "buk in torez" photo and upload it to social media on the 16th july  

a number of videos and blog posts prior to mh17 which although not related directly to mh 17 they do provide crucial information on the movements of military equipment and people in the days before which proves kiev are lying this is being done by kiev supporters and anti russian people and those who are peddling blatant falsehoods in an effort to hide the facts and further their narrative which is not only disgraceful it is furthering the war in ukraine and a disservice to the victims of mh17 

And now for why i strongly believe poroshenko signed the death warrant of the people onboard mh17

The tragic events of flight mh17 were already is already a whitewash with claims and counter claims .i will be posting here why i strongly believe kiev government of poroshenko is behind the attack and why...Deliberate attack in an effort to get nato into ukraine ....Given the tissue of lies the kiev government are willing to spout i doubt it was an accident

Look at the events prior to to the crash when arseniy yatsenyuk seized power with the help of right sector a far right fascist group trained by nato  by shooting both police and maidan protesters showing that they have no problem shooting unarmed people to get what they want.
Upon taking government they began to purge government buildings as well as the military of non supporters of svoboda political well as any politicians from russian speaking east ukraine .btw the current junta was not elected by the people of ukraine they were "elected" by the svoboda party 

Also any free press or any press that didn't become a mouth piece for the new government here is svoboda party member threatening news boss and beating or threatening anyone one who disagrees with the party 
They vowed to "liquidate" the people from the east  branding them subhuman .

Thats when people from the east set up self defense forces because they didn't support the overthrow of the government of viktor yanukovych..thats when the right sector was formed into a national guard and azov battalion .they wasted no time cleansing ukraine of subhumuns in odessa   ...they claimed that the protesters actually set fire to themselves ....And began shelling eastern cities ..well you get picture of what these guys are about

While in government they have a number of times asked nato and european union to send troops  to help with this "cleansing" this has so far been refused as ukraine is not in nato.
But that didn't stop western leaders sending cash and equipment  to the keiv junta in an effort to kick off a conflict between russia and nato clearly for their own benefit and has attacked russian territory over 20 times to date as well as a raft of sanctions by the west despite critical views from russians putin has not been bated into crossing the border.

He instead chose to back rebel fighters with weapons and cash as the west has been doing for ukraine ...
Frustrated by this the junta has stepped up attacks on the east shelling wildly into the cities as well as deliberately targeting russian journalists  and and issuing death threats to russian affiliates  ...still russian troops didn't cross the border..


Only one day prior to the plane being brought down kiev military deployed 27 buk m1 aa system in the donesk region this is a very odd thing to do as rebels do not have any aircraft .

On the day of the attack a spanish air traffic controller working at kiev airport reportedly seen or tracked two military planes escorting or following the plane and posted it on his twitter page {which is now deleted} @spainbuca but the page with last entry is still on google is a transcript of his views and here is an interview he gave {sorry english speakers its in spanish} 

kiev sbu security services were in the control tower at the time of the plane crash..very odd as its a civilian airport and took all flight info data and to date refuse to release it to any investigation team

the ukrainian had 27 out of their 60 buk systems deployed throughout donetsk and luhansk   the day before {16th july} mh17 was shot down and the ukrainian army even had a promotional video on their official army website {now removed} but you can see it here the ukrainian army had military personnel located in strategic locations to act as "witnesses" and fake photos posted to the web under fake identities so knowing this and no actual proof rebels had access to a buk unit i cannot understand why kiev is not the primary suspect and is quite surprising western media still think rebels did it 

On the day of the mh17 crash it was 250 kilometers further east than the usual flight route and according to reports from the dutch safety board mh 17 communicated with control services at dneppropetrovsk it then changed direction from their flight route turning on a more eastern direction to bring it directly over an active combat zone where a number of ukrainian air force su25 planes had been shot down the day before.

On the day of the crash a number of tweets were posted by user @spainbuca {now deleted 

 Rebels operating in the snizhne area said that on a number of prior occasions kiev military su25 had been flying just below civilian flights in their area and then coming out from under them to conduct bombing raids and the tucking back in under the commercial aircraft {photo 2} see rebel discussing this on bbc video here


Even the badly photo-shopped rebel owned buk doesn't add up 

On the following day just 12 hours after the attack western media already had the narrative framed that russia and the rebels were guilty of the attack with sensational headlines like "putins missile"and "russian rocket kills 300" well they are partially right as the buk system is made in russia. But it is used by 14 countries including ukraine. And how they knew for sure it was a missile in the first place is beyond me all their "proof" seems to be based on the photo of buk 312 and a later to be outed as fraudulent a supposed intercepted phone call between rebels.

in the immediate aftermath of mh17 crash pro kiev sources began posting photos of what they claimed was the buk system that the rebels used to shoot it down.ukrainian SBU claimed the russians supplied buk unit which came across the border at 1.00 am on morning of the 17th. In the below photos  Please note that after it was shown that buk 312 is owned by the ukrainian army the official ukrainian story was reviewed and these are apparently two different buk units {buk 1is 312 and buk two is 3x2} which kiev are now adamant are two different buk but to peddle the guilty rebels narrative at the time both pictures were released shortly after the crash as the same buk going to russia. 
also notice that these are two different trucks and trailers {ramps missing in pic 1} 

For buk two {3x2}they even released a 13 second video as "proof" recorded by the ukrainian security services SBU however the ukrainian SBU was less keen on the video of buk one {312} being seen. When i was in discussion with a pro kiev supporter he scoffed that he had video evidence the rebels were caught transporting it back to russia and provided me with a video which i downloaded. An oversight on his part but he never actually seen the video before giving it to me because the video shows that this buk unit actually belongs to the ukrainian army and it was being transported around ukraine in march 2014 5 months prior to mh17                                                                      { he deleted his video soon after } >>>>>video<<<<< there was a second video taken on the same night here 


Other photos and videos began to emerge showing that this buk unit was in the possession of the ukrainian army prior to the downing of mh17 . Buk 312 was based in luhansk according to a former crew member photo one is just south of luhansk in march 2014 and photo two is it being redeployed possibly kramatorsk . The crew member was reassigned to kramatorsk shortly after this photo he speaks here i'm not certain if he accompanied 312 in that convoy travelling on or before march 16th. another oversight by bellingcat and western countries is that ukraine army deployed 27 buk systems to the donetsk and luhansk region just prior to the july 17 mh17 shoot down. This is baffling as rebels had no aircraft.see ukrainian army's now deleted ATO promotional video here 

Once these videos and photos were emerging in november and december that shows clearly that prior to mh17 shoot down buk 312 was in the possession of the ukrainian army and was apparently confirmed by the former crew member on buk 312 so the photo posted as the rebels buk is clearly false. The kiev government then claimed that it was ukrainian but that it had been seized by rebels when ukrainian army left it behind because it was non running and was used by the rebels just before the shoot down of mh17  And this is in direct conflict with their earlier statement and so called photographic proof that it was a russian supplied buk.

Their story was once again called into question {except by western governments and bellingcat} when a photo emerged towards the end of the year and apparently taken at the end of july from kramatorsk air base and apparently "verified" by bellingcat which is under ukrainian control showing buk 312 parked on the base and verified by bellingcat {????} .proving that it was not seized by rebels so was not in rebel hands at any time.

In early april 2015 social media users brought to light a short video showing buk 312 and buk 321 being transported by the ukrainian army. When challenged to give an explanation on this video eliot higgins blocked these social media users and he had the video deleted from youtube even though it does not breach the youtube TOS . The most recent upload of this video can be seen here 

Below is buk 312 which was at first claimed to be the rebel owed buk being transported back to russia {pic 1} on 17/18th but after the video emerged showing it was known to be owned by the ukraine army  and was later photographed at kramatorsk air base you can clearly see that the red tipped missile has now been replaced by a white one why was it swapped out ...or was it replaced after one was fired ?? however as this blogpost states the night time photo was not taken on the 18th of july but it was in march four months earlier. There was two video made on that night video1 and video2


A new suspect buk must be found 

Unfazed by these new developments that the ukrainian army are blatantly lying pro ukrainians ,western governments and bellingcat claimed that the entire buk 312 story that rebels owned that system in the first place was in fact a russian propaganda exercise despite the fact the ukraine army were the ones who released photos and claimed rebels had control of 312 but now want to distance buk 312 from the entire mh17 situation and are adamant that they have the "real mh17" buk pinned down.

so in the aftermath of the buk 312 being outed as owned by the ukrainian army pro kiev sources began posting photos of what they claimed was the "real" buk system that the rebels used to shoot it down. A wide range of buk systems were put forward as the "rebel owned" buk such as buk 313,,321,,333,,122,,223,,and a number of other obscure units from russia.  Having learnt their lesson on buk312 they appear to have checked that these units could not be traced back to ukrainian army before settling on a conveniently obscure buk that had the number partially painted over  

According to bellingcat and the SBU the russian army provided the rebels with a buk anti aircraft missile system and posted a photo purportedly from mid to late june 2014 and have a tag number of 3?2 { i cannot make out tag number from this photo} which the osce did not report crossing any border posts they are monitoring below is the supposed russian supplied buk while it was still in russia there is no known photos of this unit allegedly being in ukraine until bellingcat posts photo from the morning off july 17th.

And according to the ukrainian SBU and stated on web page DELFI it was transported across the russian border around the town of shucodolsk at 1.00 am on july 17th and sent to donetsk. From here it was allegedly sent to >pervomaisk< there may be some confusion on exact spelling or a typo i will update the destination as there are two possible locations village settlement of >pervomais'ke< is approx 12km northwest of donetsk and the stated location of >pervomaisk< is a town approx 100 km north east of donetsk. 

now it seems that the buk 3?2 is photographed in donetsk by an anonymous AP reporter many of the news sites that quoted this AP reporter they don't mention their name this could be put down as concern for the safety of this ukrainian based reporter.  But having gone through the tweets of the pro kiev supporters below i believe this reporter has little to fear as i strongly suspect that this AP reporter is the fine people at @euromaidan judging by a vk post by ukrainian miltary portal {UTAG} which is a page used for the promotion of the ukrianian army and the volunteer battalions. 

So it appears that the photo touted as proof that this buk was in rebel hands on the morning of 17th at 10.00 is dubious at best and "verified" by paris match calls into question their credibility.  And despite not visiting ukraine or seeing the photographer i'm unsure how bellingcat manages to "verify"that the photo was taken on the morning of the 17th. And a deleted video {saved vid here} said to be 11.40 am {kiev time} was posted to youtube showing the alleged buk in zurhes east of donetsk the user goes by the name of Andrei and so posting the buk video appears to be the only activity on this account  however that account does list a pro kiev blogpage  where he posts photo "evidence" which will be his undoing further down this blog when i show that the ukraine army owns this buk. Then a twitter user  @spice4russia a pro ukraine supporter who tweeted at 2.41am {12.41kiev time}3 tanks and a beech covered passing through shakhtarsk @WowihaY {vladimir djukov} posted a tweet 2.16 am {12.16 kiev time} "БУК едет через beech travels through torez"

Another "social media user who worked for ihor kolomoiski's privat bank ruslan navadyuk then posted this photo taken at approx 12.30 local time to the vk page of ukrainian miltary portal {UTAG}  am {12.41 kiev time} then a video of the alleged buk in snizhne and was stated by bellingcat to be approx 1.30  However after using the suncalc webpage i found that this is incorrect the video appears to be much earlier at about 10.00 am so the buk in snizhne has no relation to the buk seen in donetsk-makiiva-shastorsk-torez as the photographed buk was making its way east from 9.30-1.00pm . Eliot never mentioned this it may be just an oversight on his part {i doubt it}. Below is a snapshot of the movements of this buk and purportedly on morning of july 17th 2014 i cannot verify this i will take bellingcat at his word i will also show points of interest such as the battle of saur mogila which was ongoing and approx battle lines on that morning.And i will post bellingcats suspected buk launch site and the area of crash site .sorry it is a bit messy but i hope it shows what bellingcat says was happening on the day

according to the bellingcat report this is the route and time buk 3x2 took on that morning 



in bellingcat report and pro kiev twitter posts it was stated that the person {pavel aleynikov} who took the photo of the plume of smoke at which was claimed to be the mh17 buk launch site {or a candidate site} on the eastern outskirts of torez  said they were in his home and heard a large roar and then went on to their balcony to see what was happening. Once then seen the plume of smoke {where an active mine is located}  to take the photo.  stated as {approx 16.20} which is impossible as the plane came down at 13.20 
The apparent witness wished to remain anonymous and he didn't even want to say what kind of camera that was used This appears to be the only witness to this so called launch which is only a small distance from the residents on the eastern side of torez nobody else reported seeing this including the thousands of ukrainian military active in the area. Another omission by bellingcat is that it was The ukrianian SBU that released this photo as proof bellingcat took the SBU statement at face value that witness to a buk being launched.

But as you can see from the below photo it is possibly smoke from the active mineworks at that location    


This site could be a more likely site as any buk launched from here would strike the left hand side of the plane where the most damage appears to have taken place. And as you can see from the overview of the area around the northern buk site in the photos below and from eyewitnesses videos that although less populated than the southern sites it has a number of towns and villages on the supposed route of the buk missile.There is also a number of open mines in the area and one of these mines appears to be the location from which one of the videos were shot from.So to think that nobody and not even the camera holder seen a buk missile contrail or heard it being fired is difficult to imagine as people in grabova were on the crash scene within moments of impact.

                       sjeverne video       grabova video       mine site video

The buk site everyone wants to forget

One site that bellingcat seems to have distanced himself from {i don't blame him} is the site referred to in the so called intercepted phone call in which kiev claims is the rebels discussing the mh17 crash. This phonecall is what appears to be the main "evidence"that the united states and western media has based their proof the rebels did this.

At the start of the conversation they say the plane came down just outside the the town of enakievo however this is 30 kilometers from the debris of mh17 this could be put down to a simple misjudgment as 30 km in the sky may look closer as there is no reference points.But then they state that a plume of smoke is visible outside enakievo this another oddity as main fireball and smoke is in grabova 30km away also time stamp on video is also suspicious.Which also appears to be a mash up of different phone calls.

Then according to the men on the tape say will set of to find crash site at 4.40 pm i will include alleged buk launch site as location they set off from as this would be closer to petropavlovskaya mines.Tape starts again at 5.11 pm and the men state now apparently they found the crash site at petropavlovskaya mines which is 35km from suspected buk site of chernukhino just east of debaltseve how did hell did  they travel 35km in 30 minutes and find 200 bodies in an area that is actually 30 km northeast of the actual crash site at grabova.

 i google searched petropavloskaya mines and the closet one on the world map is 35km northeast of the crash site unless there is a mine with that name around grabova it is impossible that they found 200 bodies at petropavlovskaya mines so this shows that the kiev government are extremely untrustworthy if they are willing to fabricate "evidence" to garner international military support you can see this phone call here which kiev deleted from their youtube accounts once they realized their mistake but by then it had already been downloaded by over 100 people.


Now that alleged missile had allegedly been fired at mh17 either from the southern  sites or the one to the north why has nobody else seen the vapor trail and heard it these things are loud watch a buk launch here buk launch   i have doubts about a buk being fired at all by either the rebels bellingcat sites theory  or even kiev army position south of shakhtasrk or any of the sites noted for a number of  reasons

1nobody has come forward to say that they seen the telltale signs of a buk such as the contrail these is the crash video i see no contrail anywhere in the shot  And no recorded witnesses in snizhne *pop* 48.000 {pre war}  torez *pop*80.000 {pre-war} and only one alleged anonymous witness.And no witnesses from the number of towns along the supposed route of all 3 possible buk launch sites east of torez ,snizhne or east of grabova 

2As plane was heading south east and two of the buk sites are south of the crash site then surely the primary damage should be on right hand side of the plane. Bellingcats northern suspected buk launch site could be a candidate however the damage patterns dont seem to add up there is highly focused damage on the cockpit. See also the left hand side wing tip in the below photo which shows directional damage leading to cockpit area. 

Buk radar guided missiles have a 70kg warhead and dont actually strike their target they explode from 5-20 meters from the target scattering shrapnel in all directions. But tight grouping on the holes at the cockpit window suggests that the buk would have to be 2/3 feet away which throws up another question why is the hole so small 70kg of explosives can destroy armored vehicles but commercial aircraft are of a light metal.  And despite the crash site being searched a number of times no missile parts have yet been found no rocket moter/fins or any bodywork of a buk these things are 18 foot long and weigh over 700kg surely some parts have been reported to be found.   

Witnesses stated they heard two explosions {described as 2 loud pops} in the sky how can a buk missile explode twice ?? a number of them reported that after the explosions they saw bodies falling from the sky and a small military aircraft flying away.                                                                                                                                                 
The bbc interviewed some of these people however the bbc later deleted their own story from the bbc website  here is the video bbc eyewitness  Witness 5 ukrainian WAS NOT available at the time of bellingcat investigation he didn't come forward until dec 2014 however the other four were available but he left them out of his report.                                                                                                            
interview with ukraine soldier here

On the day of the mh17 crash it was 250 kilometers further east than the usual flight route and according to reports from the dutch safety board mh 17 communicated with control services at dneppropetrovsk it then changed direction from their flight route turning on a more eastern direction to bring it directly over an active combat zone where a number of ukrainian air force planes had been shot down {photo 1}

Rebels operating in the snizhne area said that on a number of prior occasions kiev military su25 had been flying just below civilian flights in their area and then coming out from under them to conduct bombing raids and the tucking back in under the commercial aircraft {photo 2} see rebel discussing this on bbc video here {3.00----3.28}  

5once photos began to emerge from the crash people began to question if a buk missile was used upon seeing the concentrated damage on the left hand side of the plane and apparent directional damage on the wing that too was ignored and even branded as a conspiracy theory .When witness account came out  that the people living in the area seen ukrainian air force planes flying away from the attack scene they were branded as being liars/kremlin propagandists or drunk. russian military released data of what they say is aircraft following mh17 prior to it going down it too was scoffed at by bellingcat and ukraine army supporters see the briefing here

The united states has asserted many times they have a substantial amount of evidence proving rebels shot down mh17 when challenged to produce it they were evasive saying they had "sources" many believe these sources are in fact eliot higgins {bellingcat} and pro ukrainian supporters at @euromaidan but they didn't even present that.

And according to the russian military the united states actually had a satellite directly over the the area at the time of downing of mh17 russia requested the us release photos from the satellite they didn't provide it. Instead on the 27th july they provided a grainy photo of alleged russian grad attacks on ukraine which is irrelevant to the mh17 crash

7   Eliot higgins now claims that while an su 25 can reach the height of 33.000 feet it cannot fire the missiles that were designed for he su 25 because it will fall out of the sky if it fired it's air2air missiles. This is probably he dumbest thing i have heard from eliot. He also failed to mention the fact that mh17 as well as a number of other civilian aircraft were directed to fly in to the area of hostilities and to reduce the flight cruising height of 38.000 feet down to 33.000 feet which is the maximum flight ceiling of the su 25 

Exposing the lies peddled by can a buk be in 3 locations at the same time 10.00 am ironically the same time a google earth images  ????

The times are questionable as well as the witnesses 

As a buk missile wasn't even fired at mh17 kiev went to a lot of trouble to prove the rebels shot it down with a buk showing that the murder of mh17 was pre-planned to garner military support for their war.
Even this second rebel buk theory but forward doesn't add up because how can the donetsk eastbound buk {10.00} be driven through snizhne 70km away at the same time {10.00am}.   By all means call me a crank but prove me wrong !!!!!   Using the suncalc app can you come up with a better explanation as to how these grainy photos despite being about 50 meters away from the cameraman still show the donetsk-zurhes-snizhne buk all appear to be at 10.00 am.  Just type in the location and date you wish to view.
I have asked eliot to give me an explanation on this photo-shopped buk on seven occasions however he has yet to give an answer  

Donetsk buk 
even though this is photo-shopped i will still include it to show that kiev are lying  

The first sighting of the alleged mh 17 was in donetsk this area was found by bellingcat {thanks eliot} and was stated by bellingcat report as being taken by an anonymous AP reporter 

The photo location is in the eastern part of donetsk h21about 100 meters just off the roundabout at illicha ave and tokmaska street making its way to makiiva and as you can see from the photo the shadow cast by the buk the time is approx 10.00 am but no later than 10.30 and as you can see from the panoramic view the shadow is falling towards the opel dealership just across the road from this slipway where the buk was parked approx where the road sweeper is.  I encourage anyone to view the street view and use the suncalc and see the buk photo here and being the first in the series and from the tweets listed the time fits with what bellingcat posted  According to the bellingcat report this truck and trailer is the same red lowloader trailer as the one rebels were using on later occasions with only the phone banner removed in the later SBU video. 

It may have been possible to spot minor scuffs and damage on different trucks trailers and buk systems but due to fuzzy photo i cannot make out any discrepancies in this photo of the truck parked . It was taken on the h21 road just of the illicha ave roundabout  and is directly across from the opel and chevrolet car dealerships using suncalc this photo seems to be taken a-10 am to 10.30am 

although there are no photos on the day of 17th the buk apparently made its way to makiiva.  Bellingcat posted a collection of photos and a video stating that the stolen truck and trailer purported to be in and around the town of makiiva east of donetsk was being used by rebel fighters after the mh17 crash so it appears that the low loader and truck is still in the donetsk area however as you can see from the below photos its extremely difficult to confirm for sure that the makiiva trailer photos are the same as the the trailer carrying the buk unit above as the makiiva trailer has no phone banner on the side and the supposed satellite photo showing the alleged red trailer and truck was returned to the owner 

Zurhes buk 

a short video was released by the SBU showing this buk although was not as definitive because sun was weaker while the truck was recorded by the sbu according to bellingcat from the tweets of pro kiev supporters the time was 11.00=11.40am  and to back up their claim the rebels had control of this they posted a photo and despite being just 50 meters away the image is quite blurry and of quite a distinctive truck purportedly belonging to the rebels date unknown ...i say this because the photo of the truck was taken at 10.00 though this photo will be the undoing of this story as you can see from the shadow on the pavement cast by the telephone pole the shadow closest to cameraman{green circle est} is slightly further east than at the base of the pole which indicates it is the same time as google images what time did they go through!!!!!!

Torez buk

The photo of the torez buk allegedly on its way east on the morning of the 17th which appears to be the only genuine photo but this doesn't add up as it was actually posted to a message board on the 16th the post has since been deleted but it caused quite a response from users who appear to be pointing out that the plane went down the day after see here these buk were at those locations but they were of different times and probably while kiev controlled some of these places.

The below snapshots are from a filling station on prospekt gagarina in torez  h21 and using the suncalc app i believe this torez buk photo was taken at 10.30 but no later than 10.45  for his reason sun light has not yet shone on the side wall of the building {orange} or the face of the billboard {red} or the right hand side of the car {green} a search on google street view has the buk image uploaded on the 17th july by a user named volodymyr "k  for searches i have found that he is a member of the ukrainian army and has a twitter account says he is from kiev so what was he doing in rebel held torez. However there is no activity on it since dec 5th possibly killed during the war.

you can check suncalc here map of torez here and street view buk photo here 

snizhne buk

Again using the suncalc page this photo could not have been taken at 1.00-1.30pm as stated by bellingcat because the side of the building facing the cameraman where the buk is has no sunlight being shone on it.  And judging by the shadow at the base of the building from the fuzzy photo the SBU released it was taken at 10.00-am and as the suncalc suggests sun would strike the wall facing the cameraman at or shortly after 10.45 and estimated distance between buk and camera less than 50 meters.  I used google map image as a comparison for the two centre photos of the buk and even though it is a low quality photo you can make out the shadow line.

luhansk buk 
This buk was then recorded again which appears to be late evening apparently heading back to russia in the western side of the city of luhansk bellingcat then "geolocated" to where the video was recorded and the truck was heading south east on pavlivska street and stepana razina st junction approaching Artemmivskyi district in western luhansk.  But according to the liveuamap that area was under the control of the ukrainian army at the time however the same map has the battle lines in the south in the zurhes area combat lines are 20km from zurhes while the ukraine army was launching a major offensive in the south at the time i cant be sure how accurate liveuamaps are

Another set of unexplained items on mh17

in the aftermath of the crash while everyone was still wondering what happened the kiev army held a press conference which they stated that they had no aircraft deployed in the area at the time. Firstly this an odd thing to say as nobody even mentioned the possibility that kiev airforce shot it down at that time.Secondly this statement is at odds with the statement of a ukrainian soldier that told his story in december in which he states that a number of su25 took off from dnepropetrovsk airbase.
He also stated that one of the ukraine army su25 was armed with air to air missiles {likely R-60 Aphid} and again i remind people that the rebels had no aircraft so this is quite odd.and that when the su25 that had the A-2-A missiles returned it no longer had these missiles.
As ukrainian su25 was attacking torez on the 15th july and rebels shot down a number of low flying aircraft both fixed wing and helicopters throughout ukrainian assault from may and right through june and july on saur mogila torez and snizhne it is most likely that kiev did have aircraft conducting raids 

just some of the many ukraine aircraft attacks in 2014 showing ukraine air force very active over these months  and these are only some of those caught on camera 

 SLAVYANSK JUNE 3RD                   
 DONETSK MAY 23RD                       

why did nobody come to secure the crash site +victims

After the crash rebel fighters offered to cease military activity and shelling for up 30 km around the site kiev refused this offer and in the following days launched a major artillery assault on the site at grabova as there was little tactical advantage for either side why was this done??.rebel fighters were in control of the site and asked the osce to come and secure the site as they were stretched on manpower the osce refused but told rebel leaders not to remove any debris or the bodies rebels agreed to this demand and stated that  due to the summer heat this should be done within 24 hours.

On day 2 rebels again asked the osce when would they arrive as the bodies were starting to swell in the summer heat to which they got no reply.  It wasn't until 70 international reporters arrived at the crash site and began filming the severe bloating on the bodies that the osce finally gave the rebels written permission to begin removing the bodies to the derision of western press.  Osce personnel finally arrived at the site and locals were eager to tell them that mh17 was brought down by a fighterplane but amazingly osce said to them that "we still think a buk brought it down".  Malaysia sent 30 people to kiev to help with the investigation but kiev said that it was to dangerous to bring them to the crash site however rebels said they would be safe from any attack on them and would even be willing to provide armed protection for them.   Kiev still would not allow it stated it was to risky for the malaysians. The maylasian investigators spent a month in kiev before travelling home without seeing the crash site.   

One malaysian decided to go to the crash on his own via taxi and as promised by rebels he was escorted to the site. Upon seeing the wreckage and speaking to locals he came to the conclusion that the fighterplane was the most likely culprit for this conclusion maylasian was excluded from the official investigation which surprising is led by kiev who has a veto to exclude any evidence they see fit.  On the 7th august the dutch governtment and america,australia,ukraine and belgium signed a non disclosure agreement on the fings on mh17 which makes it a secret investigation which with kiev having the final say on what is released makes it likely the finished report will never be published. 

rebel fighters also stated that on a number of nights they apprehended people who claiming to be locals who were not judging by their accents trying to remove debris this could be down to morbid trophy hunters or kiev SBU agents but this was not made clear by rebels