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pavel aleynikov

pavel aleynikov  alleged buk contrail photographer

Two photos that were taken and said to be the in the immediate moments after the crash and purportedly from an anonymous witness who i later found out to be pavel aleynikov {UKRAINIAN ARMY} who stated that he took both of these photos within 10-20 seconds photo with the black smoke is the impact site of mh17 north of his apartment and photo 2 is what he said was the buk vapor trail east of torez to the south of his apartment bloc 

Pavel then claimed in a interview with the media that he went and handed the photo {sim card} to his friend vladymir djukov  who uploaded them to twitter 15 minutes after the crash before passing it on to the SBU and the SBU compensated him for the sim card.  However vladymir {ukrainie army} was deployed in Amvrosievka 50km  and when contacted by dutch investigators he gave them his camera to them why would he do this as the photos are on the sim card 

And to date pavel is the only known "eyewitness"  to a buk being launched of the thousands of ukraine and rebels engaged in battle around suar mohyla not a single one ever reported seeing a buk or any other anti aircraft missile being fired 

Pavel also uploads his photography work to many sites under the name to sites like websta rescuero and from what i gather from his work he has very high quality cameras as seen on panoramio profile bellingcat never said what type of camera that was used to take the buk contrail photo however going through pavel's work i suspect it was a nikon d7000 that he had at time time or a nikon d5100

Also  notice the difference in impact of mh 17 {dull and overcast} and the contrail photo bright and sunny calls into question that the contrail photo was taken on the same day . Eliot higgins was also very secretive on the type of camera pavel used but it could be a  nikon d5100 judging by previous photos pavel uploaded to panoramio here   and as keen photographer i am surprised his photos of the alleged buk plume is so bad 

A number of photos were widely distributed of the buk contrail proving rebels shot down mh 17 and all were taken by anonymous witness but as we know now it is pavel aleynikov and in his account he states that he took the photos from either or both his balcony and the roof of his apartment block within a few minutes of the crash of mh17 on the 17th pavel is lying through his teeth because the smoke plume is not from a buk missile he says was fired on the 17th {13.20uc} it is from a grad and artillery strike carried out on the area of  suar mogila  

Pavel's own tweets posted just prior the mh17 attack {13.20utc} confirms that this "buk contrail" photo is of a grad artillery strike

 {click for link to tweets} here {4.53 minutes before attack}

link to tweet here  {3.49 minutes before attack}

link to tweet here   {1.03 minutes before attack}

picture 1 is one of those shared as the "buk contrail" orange line to the source of the smoke 
picture 2  i have rotated the overview of the area from where pavel took the photo the red line is towards a mound of a sand/dirt line towards a number of trees line is towards the mineworks 
picture 3 is a brightened and magnified image shared by bellingcat {from his page} 
picture 4 is a more panoramic image

image 5 an corrected image overview as seen on google maps and shows to where lines leads too
image 6 a zoomed out view to include the direction of the source of the smoke plume it is along the route of the orange line but not outside purple lines source appears to be beyond treeline at first two blue stars ..smoke plume is within the area of the six stars 
image 7 is the area i suspect is the source of this smoke plume in the yellow diamond 
image 8 is the site south of snizhne and north of the saur mogila tower monument and you can clearly see the area is heavily damaged  

I am aware that the videos show the saur mohyla monument and not the site i have marked but it's clear this area was under attack throughout july.  Yellow diamond marker could be the area pavel refers to when he tweeted "black smoke visible west of saur tomb"

The below videos were posted to youtube on the 3rd  and 5th july camera viewpoint is most likely the same location from where a bbc russia reporter covered the so called buk launch where she interviews eyewitnesses ...It is inline with the marked photos and is the approximate distance to saur mohyla and in the video you can see a stand out tree as with the bbc report  which is a short distance to pavel aleynikov's apartment if anyone can provide an alternate location i would consider it 

 As part of their "proof" kiev ,,bellingcat and western media published the buk plume photo as proof and bellingcat later published photos of russian satellite photos which he put through the online site photo forensics to "prove russians are lying" this photo has nothing to do with the mh17 buk plume but this will be bellingcats undoing 

The owner of the site    was asked what he thought of bellingcat's conclusion on the photo to which he was less than complimentary on his analysis and twitter users asked neal krawetz to look at the buk plume photo to which he stated that after examining it the buk plume photo bellingcat has used as part of his proof  is very heavily altered see the tweet in question by clicking the image. It is becoming more obvious {except to bellingcat} that kiev have put out a substantial amount of false information


so either the buk contrail "evidence" is from 5th july or from pavels tweets abou a grad attack 4 hours before mh17 was shot down his own tweets prove that he never witnessed or heard a buk being fired at 13.20 ...What he did see was an artillery strike at saur mohyla 4 hours prior to the mh17 attack and is currently telling a pack of lies when he {the only recorded witness to a buk launch} in order to reinforce the SBU cock and bull story and making a mockery of the victims 

The dutch safety board have never even interviewed pavel much less asked him to take a polygraph test which is a massive disservice to the victims of this pre-planned murder of 298 people

visit the locations just copy/paste  into your browser 

camera viewpoint   48.048260, 38.639161

from where both videos where shot  48.031650, 38.687278

where suspected origin of the "buk plume" 47.999833, 38.762940

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