Tuesday, June 2, 2015

while in a discussion with eliot higgins i brought up the issue that the torez buk photo posted saying that "here is the proof rebels shot down mh17" on holywars it states on google that this thread discussion was started on the 16th july by a user by the name of toterman and is under the politics tag and then the first comments appear on the 18th and this date is when eliot seems to think that this is when to post was made if this is the case then where did his initial post go to as he is not listed on comments and then why would google list this comment as started on 16h 2 hours prior to mh17 shoot down 

the header on photo 2 is when it was first posted on the 16th and as donbass time is 11 hours ahead of google head quarters in san francisco i am only stating that for google to have the post listing on the 16th it cannot be posted to the internet any later than 11am on the morning of the 17th 2hours and 20 minutes before mh17 was shot down at 13.20 donbass time 

and is clearly seen in the google listing this post states MH17 in the post whoever posted this knew something about the mh17 crash 2 hours beforehand  which can only mean that this was pre-planned attack on mh17 if "evidence" of the mh17 attack was posted beforehand ......which part of this is confusing to pro kiev supporters 

toterman only lists one forum thread starter 

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