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SBU pack of lies exposed snizhne buk video made prior to 14th

The sbu released an apparent rebel intercepted phonecall onto youtube claiming that russia had smuggled a buk-M1 into ukraine  the time and date of this phone call is dated 14-07-2014 the major problems with this SBU intercept is that the area they say the buk was smuggled into ukraine was under the control of the ukrainian army at the time although the livemap may not be 100% accurate ukraine army did control a sizable part of the south east area making it highly unlikely russia {or rebels} would risk transporting through an area where it would be captured or destroyed by the ukraine army

 The official story from kievis that on the morning of he 17th russia sent this Buk-M1 across the border where i was sent to donetsk and apparently photographed at approximately 10.00am .and then later videoed in snizhne and repored by eliot higgins as being 13.30 on the 17-07-2014. but the video ukrainian army uploaded to youtube claims they intercepted rebel phonecall on the 14th and in the same video shows this "rebel buk in snizhne"

the video itself may have been made between 5=14th july {without the buk in shot} when there was a major bombardment of the suar mohyla area in the video of the buk in snizhne if you look a the horizon you can what appears to be smoke rising from the area 

Friday, July 24, 2015

proof eliot higgins knows kiev are lying

On july 19th eliot tweeted that he found the exact location of this torez buk photo and he used suncalc to get the approximate time of the photo which according to the suncalc time and location link he put in his tweet the time is 10.15am go to that tweet  link here    as i'm certain eliot will delete this tweet when he reads this here is a screen grab of that tweet   visit the location link he tweeted here,38.61   {for satellite image click top right of suncalc page}

However his bellingcat page now completely contradicts his own tweet his bellingcat page "origin of the separatist buk" now states that this photo is 12.30  this is a blatant attempt by eliot higgins to give legitimacy to the utter bullshit story he is peddling for the ukrainian SBU left side photo is from his bellingcat page and right side photo is the suncalc image he posted in his tweet ....

i brought up this very discrepancy of suncalc torez buk photo and what he now claims on his origins of the buk story with eliot only for him to reply that "you do realize there is a 2 hour difference" which is complete nonsense for two reason

1 the location of the servers of suncalc is completely irrelevant to the usability of the app you type in the location,day and month you wish to view and app calculates timezone for that area and you use the slider for the time of day  eliot scoffed at my assessment of his discrepancy in the kiev official story

2 even if this two hour difference is applied the shadows cast in the donetsk and torez buk photos both indicate 10.00 {donetsk} and 10.15 {torez} am {or 12 noon if we apply eliots two hour difference excuse} 

And as the below map and photos show how can the same buk be in donetsk at 10.00am then cover 60km to be in torez 15 minutes later 

As you can see by eliot's own tweet he used suncalc and by using it he knows this contradicts kiev's official story he instead continues to peddle the obvious bullshit story from tweet pages of members of kiev volunteer groups which makes a complete mockery of the victims of  MH17

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

strange tweets

apparently pro rebel twitter account tweeted on the 29th june that rebels have a buk but as you can see it looks nothing like the buk {no radar pod} that later so called proof photos and the videos....and pro kiev supporters have quickly deleted and stopped tweeting about very quickly after mh17 i particular robpulse news despite at first gloating and posting the "proof" below is screenshot of this buk a twitter user david clinch @DavidClinchNews

another user @yaskar93 yara askar also tweeted the photo {unknown date} whoever see deleted the tweet photo that led me to her page

the first pro ukraine blogger i know of sharing this was robpulse news he too has quickly removed it from his twitter once has realized it looks nothing like the "official" buk photos later used by kiev  link to tweet here

while reading and article on interpreter mag information on the two plane crashes was posted here scroll down the page to see a series of tweets 

what people are not aware of is that two planes were shot down on the 17th ..mh17 and a ukraine army transport plane south east of snizhne the following confusion between the two planes many news outlets used footage from the ukr army plane crash as the moment of impact a posted tweet from the pro kiev @ukraine reporter see the tweet here.....there is footage from both crashes but here is the video of crash of ukr army plane which is on the youtube channel of SERGEI SIDORENKO 

pavel aleynikov replied to this twitter user {he later deleted his post} ii which the user says that a ukraine army an-26 was also shot down on the 17th he posts a link to a now dead page with the story ...a link to the tweet here  and link to the now dead page here

pavel aleynikov was already know as the "anonymous" eyewitness by 8pm a litle over 3 hours afer the crash link to the interview request tweet here

a tweet repors that a second plane was shot down on the 17th tweet here and the borodai statement here


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mh 17 a year later

MH17: One year later  

this is from the blog of eric toonen i am reblogging english version 

i did not write or edit any part of the blog
Su-25U Georgia2Yesterday it was exactly a year ago that flight MH17 was shot and came down near the village of Grabovo in eastern Ukraine. The Dutch press has in recent days been able to the drama "Greece" even to supplant the background, and to saddle us with their Western propaganda. "It was the separatists'," Putin was behind it, "" Our Dutch killed by a Russian missile ". You have probably all seen on television. Of course I also sympathize with the families of this tragic event, but I oppose the way in which this sad event is exploited by our politicians and media to talk bad political decisions right and we, the people, too bugger. A fair and independent investigation has never been Mr Rutte. Any investigation that begins with the assumption that the culprit is already known, is doomed to failure. And the pathetic request to Putin, so please do not vote in the Security Council against it beats everything. Of course, Putin will vote against. Russia is the only country which was actually all data and research results made available.Nevertheless, Russia should not be part of the study (as they possibly would have been involved) and Ukraine do? I am definitely not a fan of Putin personally, but of the foreign policy followed by them.
Putin argues that only the research but once published and must be analyzed. Then one can speak about the establishment of an international tribunal. And he is right, as often these days.
You read my blog. So you are obviously interested in the real facts of the MH17 drama, or you would be satisfied with the lies from the Telegraph, the Algemeen Dagblad, De Volkskrant, or even worse, reporting on public broadcasting and RTL. Happy. Since my last article on this blog, I got much further with my research, I have talked with people in Dnjipropretrovsk and many Russian research may look at. Even the preliminary report was made available to me and I was able to go through. For me, the whole picture now become clear. I quite understand the reason for this cowardly attack, the persons responsible and the means employed by them. Many of these "assumptions" I also possesses evidence, either in writing or by pictures.Unfortunately, there is no Dutch newspaper interested. They have their job (in The Hague) and there they keep to themselves as true patriots.
Before I continue, I would recommend my article of 20 February, " MH17: Still involved an SU-25 "and wish to check. In February I was informed of the deployment of Georgian SU-25 aircraft over Ukraine. This was received with great disbelief at the time, but more and more organizations begin this now so seriously and also the latest revelations of Albert Naryshkin put my hypothesis strength at. It is also useful my article of 26 February, " The man behind MH17:? Ihor Kolomoyskyi "take a while. That makes it easier to read my article, since there are many names.
The weapon used:
On February 20 I was already sure that Flight MH17 could not be achieved by a Buk missile from the air and when I found out 16 and July 17, 2014 modified SU-25 fighter aircraft were active over Ukraine there was a light on. These devices, SU-25KM from the Georgian air force were not entirely coincidentally involved in NATO operation "See Breeze". Georgia is a country that is not part of NATO, but that really wants.They have some of their "old" SU-25 aircraft (even from the Soviet period) in Israel have modified to allow NATO to meet specifications, including new weapons systems.More about that later. My knowledge of modern weapons is limited and fortunately some friends this weapon specialists went to work and have come to new insights. The latest research from the Russian side, published by Albert Naryshkin I want therefore not remembered. They come to the conclusion that MH17 was downed by an air-to-air missile of the type Python 4 or Python 5 . A modern rocket of Israeli-made, which is much more consistent with the damage done when my earlier assumption that it is a R -60 or R-73 would go.
Main arguments of the Russian specialists are careful analysis of the impacts over the body, the size of these impacts and the speed of the calculations which it insloegen on the hull.
In total, these specialists can count 230 strikes recorded in found fragments of the cockpit section and accurately in a 3D simulation, so they were able to very accurately determine the "blast zone".
There could be determined so that the warhead exploded very close to the cockpit; at a distance between 0.8 and 1.6 meters and the height of the sliding window of the captain.
The size and shape of the holes caused by the fragments of the warhead could be accurately identified and analyzed, making this weapon experts was to determine which weapon caused the damage. 
For 86% of the holes found in this section, 186 total, a diameter was measured between 6mm and 13mm, most of them with a maximum diameter of 8mm.
cockpit section
These measurements led the group of weapons experts to determine the size of the fragments of the warhead. Many warheads making use of two different fragments sizes, the majority of the holes, it would then also have to consist of two different diameters. In the case of MH17 this is not precisely the case. 
The fragments are as square blocks of 8mm x 8mm x 6mm, with a deviation of 0.5 mm, presumably made ​​of steel with a weight of 3 grams per element. The total number of tracks is located between the 2000 and the 4000. The total of these elements would be between 4.88 and 14.8 kilogram.
Earlier, a report was released, written by weapon specialists of the Russian Almaz-Antey concern (a large Russian military weapon Group), which claimed that the elements would have a "butterfly-shaped" form, like those of a crouch warhead. This bend elements, however, have a weight of 8.1 grams, almost double of the elements that have pierced the hull of MH17. They therefore conclude that the most likely is that no Buk missile system is involved in the attack on MH17. With a certainty of 95% (very high for this type of research), the experts were able to determine that the total weight of the warhead (plus explosive fragmentation elements) must be between 10kg and 40kg maximum.
side cockpit
The report also describes that surface-to-air missiles, made ​​by the Soviet Union and Russia, use warheads with a weight greater than 40kg and will also include multiple types of fragmentation elements. The same is true for Russian air-to-air missiles as the R-70 and R-73. These have a smaller Albeit warhead, but making use of different sizes of fragmentation elements. Something deployment of such weapons thus exclude in the case of MH17. 
A large number of non-Russian air-to-air missiles use the retrieved characteristics.However, to date no fragments have been found, which can establish a 100% match with the warhead used.
The fragments found at the crash site, which is assumed in the press that she comes from a crouch warhead have been deposited by the SBU. This is also proved by documents which I have in my possession. The reason I come back later on.
The damage caused to MH17, however, does allow, without physical evidence, to determine which weapon could be used.
The rocket, which MH17 attacked, used a so-called "passive radar homing head", which explains why the warhead exploded at so little distance from the cockpit. Under the plastic nose cone of a Boeing 777-200, there is the surveillance radar, which is active during the entire flight. The rocket must active radar have set a target in the attack on the plane. 
In addition to "homing radar" missile can also be equipped with a sophisticated, matrix type, infrared homing device, which enables the missile the size and type of the purpose is to determine, and to focus on the most vital parts of the target. In the case of a Boeing 777 airliner, is that the cockpit. A computer simulation conducted by the Russian arms specialists, proved that such missiles, with similar steering, the cockpit in this location picked out as a place of storage. 
There are four air-to-air missiles that meet such a description, and which are capable of to pick up a large passenger plane down by destroying the cockpit. These are a French Magis-2 , an Israeli Shafrir , an American AIM-9 and an Israeli Python . All four missiles with a small range. 
Upon further investigation and simulation, attacked the first 3 off by such things as type of warhead or control, but the Israeli Python gave a full match.
Python has an array imaging infrared seeker. This enables the missile with relatively small warhead capable of attacking a large plane and take on the most vulnerable place. The fragmentation warhead consists of elements of fixed size and only one type.In addition, this is also the type of missile which can be fired from a Sukhoi-25KM.Georgia is in possession of 3 such SU-25KM fighter aircraft and has an arsenal of Python-4 and Python-5 missiles. The modification of the device is performed by the Israeli Elbit Systems and the Python missiles are also the Israeli Rafael delivered to Georgia. Location of these devices is the airport of Tbilisi since 2000. An SU-25KM, equipped with 2 missiles Python, for a layman almost indistinguishable from a standard SU-25 is equipped with 2 R-60 / R-73 missiles (such as Ukrainian air force many property).
55a785bdc46188c8028b45a4Left a Rafael Python 5 under an SU-25, Right R-60M under an SU-25.
As I wrote on February 20, there did two Sukhoi-25KM aircraft participating in NATO operation "Sea-Breeze" with. This operation ended on July 17, 2014, after which these devices are flown back to Tbilisi. I now know from very reliable sources that both devices have made ​​a stopover at the airport in Dnipropetrovsk . Officially to refuel, but they are also equipped with weapons again. During exercise "Sea-Breeze" wore both SU-25KM sets no air-to-air missiles, but they left  Dnipropetrovsk fully armed with two air-to-air missiles and both with a 23mm cannon in a wapenpod under the wing. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to make pictures of the devices on 17 July.Plane spotters at the airport of Dnipropetrovsk not welcome. Since the resignation of Ihor Kolomoyskyi as governor of Dnipropetrovsk is much staff replaced or transferred to the airport. It took much effort to come into contact with "old" members of the airport who could tell me anything about the events on 17 July.
The fact is that both units are refueled at the airport and left for Donetsk. After their "secret" mission they landed at Tbilisi airport. Delivery of Python missiles on the basis Dnipropetrovsk I have not (yet) evidence, but all leave a paper trail behind, I discovered a long time ago. Who has made these missiles, I'm definitely going to invent.
Georgian SU-25KM. 4. Georgia had ever there TAM has developed this upgrade with Elbit Systems, in an effort to upgrade many outdated SU-25 aircraft. It was a financial fiasco and ultimately there are only 4 converted, but what does fully meet NATO standards in terms of navigation, communication and fire control. Also this is the only SU-25 model with a pressurized cabin. In the war against Russia, the unit was, however, very disappointing. At present Georgia still has 3.
We can get an idea of ​​what weapon MH17 from the air is shot. This does not answer the question why? Why should Ukraine (with the help of Georgia) willfully bring a civilian airliner out of the sky? I write quite deliberately willful, because why else would two SU-25KM devices undertake combat operations over eastern Ukraine? Why Ukraine MH17 broke down and why so do an effort to identify a Soviet Buk missile system as a weapon? Why America gives its radar images from July 17, 2014 not free?Until 17 July, there was an American AWAC operations over the Black Sea. These must be able to have everything vastleggen.Ik going to try to give this an appropriate response.
The motive:
As I have written earlier, some countries have large financial interests in Ukraine. The Donetsk Basin possesses many raw materials like coal and shale gas. Precisely this shale gas is huge in America interested. It is absolutely in the interests of America, the Donetsk region is firmly in the hands of Poroshenko and Yatenyuk, so as a Ukrainian / American company as Burisma Holdings Ltd to win this precious gas (along with Shell and Chevron as major investors) . It is known that this company is owned by the (then) Governor of Dnipropetrovsk , Ihor Kolomoyskyi and led by the son of Joe Biden , the US vice president, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, stepson of John KerryThe plans come after the company of the former Ukrainian Minister of Ecology and Mineral Resources, Nikolay Zlochevsky. Ihor Kolomoyskyi may rightly one of the most powerful and richest Olichargen of Ukraine are called. He was also the man who helped Poroshenko in power, as he helped to power Tymoshenko earlier. To carry out his plan, he has no interest in rebellious "separatists" who thwart his interests and exploitation of the already granted to him shale gas, delay or impossible. It is also why he spent millions in order to create his own private militias such as the Donbass, Azov, Aidar, Dnepr-1, Dnepr-2 battalion. These are the men who fought the hardest against the separatists and had access to tanks, Buk missile systems, heavy artillery and air support from Dnipropetrovsk air base to pave the way for their boss and principal.
Soldiers from Ukraine had to help when installing gas plant near the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk, a city they have bombed according to news agency Novorossiya for months: " Citizens are deployed under military protection to place drilling rigs. More material is supplied and the army encircles the future gas production location . "
Besides the Ukrainian President Poroshenko, this Ihor Kolomoyskyi has more powerful friends. I could make a very long list, but names like Victoria Nuland, John McCain, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Mikhail Saakashvili (former president of Georgia and now adviser to Poroshenko and governor of Odessa) are a few well known. The interests at stake in Ukraine are very high. Besides Kolomoyskyi, America has already invested billions in Ukraine. Money which is obviously something has to muster.
On 17 July the fighting in eastern Ukraine has been running not as Kolomoyskyi and America hoped. The pro-Russian separatists fighting harder than expected and seem to succeed to defeat the weak Ukrainian army (with or without the help of Russian troops). America is willing to support Poroshenko and his Ukrainian army, but met with resistance within the EU and NATO. Public opinion needs to be changed and the separatists must be "bad guys", detested by the West. Kolomoyskyi has an idea and America support him.
The militias of Kolomoyski have access to Buk-M1 missile launchers from the Soviet era and are placed in close proximity to the front in the days leading up to July 17, in the village Shakhtarsk, intending a clear signal to the World to give. Another reason not to put them there also existed, the separatists had no air force. Or Kolomoyskyi and his men have really chosen to shoot down an aircraft full of Dutch or accidentally flying airliner, is unknown to me until now. The Netherlands is a very loyal partner of NATO and very influenced by America. When MH17 has been a deliberate choice, then there is high probability that some Dutch politicians were aware. The 196 Dutch victims could by them as collateral damage are factored in. 
It has been from the beginning design to bring down MH17 with Buk missile.Therefore, these rocket launchers were also drawn at Shakhtarsk. All the movies that have circulated on the Internet around July 17, which would be seen how separatists with an old crouch drive around and the famous YouTube video of Igor Štrelov, hisadvance already made ​​by the people of Kolomoyskyi (some even on July 16 put online). Yet there is something wrong.
The whole operation was prepared and planned by Svyatoslav Oliynik, the right of Ihor Kolomoyskyi. This is on July 17 then the privilege to tell his boss that MH17 is knocked down, but by an air-to-air missile. I know this, because Svyatoslav Oliynik is chatting on July 17 with Valery Geletey (Defence Minister until October 14, 2014), Borislav Bereza (Member of the Rada, Jewish and extremely good friend of Kolomoyskyi) and Anatoly Gricenko (Member of the SBU and president kandi act in 2014). Svyatoslav told clearly that Ihor terrible evil that MH17 is brought down incorrectly and all the preparatory work has now been in vain (the movies). He also says that he does not know how to go tell it to Pyotr (Petro Poroshenko) because this will skin him alive. How do I know this? Very simply, these men were chatting via facebook and that is very easy to hack. All the chats I have in my possession .
America was already known for the tragedy on July 17 that MH17 would be shot with Buk-M1. Their whole media circus was already prepared for this. That MH17 eventually shot by a plane, it was a miscalculation and had to be put right by any means available. It had been just after the crash, that men of the SBU at the crash site were walking around (I have documents) to prove to "plant". 
The SBU has really made ​​every effort to keep the Buk story up with false statements, false photos and movies. Unfortunately they only had no effect on witnesses. Many farmers and residents in the vicinity of Torez are not very "Kiev" irritable and refuse to adapt their story. Have you ever noticed that we also never see on television?
So now we know what angle did the job and we know some of those responsible. This clearly shows the innocence of the pro-Russian separatists. It was a political game to make the West to believe that these "resistance fighters" from Donetsk and Luhansk were behind and the West has swallowed it like hot cakes. The motive was a disturbed relationship with Russia to expand NATO as (American) and money and gas fields (Kolomoyskyi). Ultimately, America has been a big part of his sentence, not against it Kolomoyskyi. All responsible men around Kolomoyskyi or laid off or put out their official duties by Poroshenko. Kolomoyskyi and Poroshenko got serious quarrel, which Kolomoyskyi even been put out of office by gourverneur Dnipropetrovsk and they got blazing row over the management of Naftogaz. Hunter Biden and thanks to his influential father still got his way. Soon Burisma building a large gas terminal in Ukraine to fill deer with American LNG. Biden has arranged with Yatsenyuk and his son Hunter can play the boss. In this way Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Biden want to reduce the influence of Russia in Ukraine.
And Mikhail Saakashvili? Well, that has now become naturalized Ukrainian and is one of Poroshenko's main advisors. His role in the story states clearly appreciated. His influence on the Georgian air force was large enough 2 aircraft to fly a detour. And even though he is on the list of wanted criminals, nobody will extradite him to Georgia. In return, Georgia will still receive a NATO membership.
Now public opinion against the Russia of Putin and against the separatists in particular, is for America the way open to Poroshenko's army with weapons supply.As far as America, can then end of this year start with wiping the Donetsk basin and the separatists or to clear or they do flee to Russia. America, however, has not counted Kolomoyskyi. This wants revenge and his militia's are now stoking unrest in western Ukraine. It would not surprise me if Poroshenko leave shortly life.

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chechens and oher islamists fight for kiev

Chechen collaboration with Ukraine

In the mosque;  the main Chechen leaders in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev, second from left, and beside Muslim Cheberloevky.
In the mosque; the main Chechen leaders in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev, second from left, and beside Muslim Cheberloevky.
The presence of Chechen militants is evident in almost all the events that accompany the taking of power by the Ukrainian nationalist forces, including the insurrection of Maidan.
Since early March 2014, the organization Свободный Кавказ (Free Caucasus), led by Isa Munayev and Ilyas Musayev, decided to organize an international battalion of volunteers to support the nationalist forces in Ukraine, the Battalion Dudayev . Ukrainians, Tatars, Chechens and other persons originating from the Caucasus respond to the call for mobilization. That same month the first company of Battalion Dudayev, called Sashko Bilyi, after the far-right Oleksandr Muzychko, leader of Ukrainian volunteers during the Chechen wars is formed.
The success of the call for mobilization by the group and Musayev Munayev results in October in the creation of a second Chechen Battalion, led by a Soviet exmilitar of Chechen origin, nicknamed Muslim Cheberloevky.
Munayev and Cheberloevky, shortly before the former's death
Munayev and Cheberloevky, shortly before the former's death
In an article that collects web Golos Ichkerii , Ilyas Musayev says met Cheberloevky early 90s who later became the second president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, during the Congress of the Confederation of Peoples of the Caucasus in Sukhumi Abkhazia. After Dudayev's call in October 1991, calling for the return to Chechnya of military origin that enrolled in the Soviet Army Republic, Cheberloevky returned to Chechnya to join, according to some sources, Dudayev's presidential guard. Since then, and after participating in the two Chechen wars, today the leader of Sheikh Mansour seek confrontation with Russia on all fronts open military. "We've never run away from our war with Russia and never will," says Andrew E. Kramer in the article by The New York Times published this week.According to the journalist, the last country of residence before reaching Cheberloevky Ukraine would have been France.
Several features characterize the Chechens who come in support of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. It is, first of militants linked to the political structures of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in exile. Musayev Munayev and are characterized by long part of the organization led by Zakayev, acting in its military wing. According to some sources, Adam Osmayev, who would assume the command of Battalion Dudayev after the death of Debaltsevo Munayev in early February 2015 is also part of the military structure.
The symbols of the Battalions Dudayev and Sheikh Mansour reflect the proximity to structures originating in the Chechen rebellion. However, the downfall of Zakayev between the media of the Chechen diaspora in an area located some autonomous way the current Chechen militants in Ukraine, with a possible opening for groups with closer links to the alternative organization, the Caucasus Emirate and its derivatives. Some sources say in fact the arrival of Chechen militants from Syria that could relate to these organizations greater Islamist roots.
It should be mentioned in this context, the obvious religious and Muslim Sheikh Mansour Battalion dimension, away from the more religiously neutral image Battalion Dudayev, a circumstance that could lead to place the group in a nearby religious radicalization process your reference, Yandarbiyev. However there is no evidence of a systematic use of symbology of near Al Qaeda or ISIS, at least for the time movements.
Yarosh Cheberloevky and finished eating in any area in the front of Shirokino
Yarosh Cheberloevky and finished eating in any area in the front of Shirokino
The second aspect is the involvement of Chechen battalions to the right sector and their support structures, including in all probability in the initial moments mogul Dnipropetrovsk, Ihor Kolomoisky. In early March, a few days before the decision to launch the Battalion Dudayev, Dmitro Yarosh makes an appeal to revive the Chechen confrontation with Russian organizations, collaborating in the war in Ukraine. Yarosh then demanded the return of the support in the mid-90 contributed to Chechen Muzychko group. Died in strange circumstances that have not yet been clarified, just weeks after the triumph of the revolution in Maidan, Muzychko was one of the most radical leaders of Ukrainian nationalist outlook, leading the organization of the right sector in western Ukraine.
Collaboration with the right sector has become particularly narrow in the region of Mariupol where Sheikh Mansour battalion fought alongside units of the organization Yarosh. The photos of the numerous meetings between top leaders, Yarosh and Cheberloevky credited collaboration. Sheikh Mansour however maintains its operational autonomy, not being strictly subordinated to the right sector or the military sense.
Yarosh Cheberloevky with Chechen members posing with Sheikh Mansour Battalion Battalion who want to keep privacy
Yarosh Cheberloevky with Chechen members posing with Sheikh Mansour Battalion Battalion who want to keep anonymous.
The collaboration between the Battalion Sheikh Mansour and the right sector could surprise, given the strict nature of the Chechen Muslim group and the distinctive features of national Catholicism of Yarosh and much of the radical political movement that revolves around it. This collaboration is not too strange if the alliance, within the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), held in the 70 and 80 the Ukrainian nationalist forces led by Stetsko, radical Catholic groups like Los Tecos and the Saudi group is remembered represented by Salah Jamjoom.Support for the Nicaraguan Contras and Afghan mujahideen by WACL structures are two clear examples of this collaboration between religious groups in radically different appearance. For them, however, communists and defenders of liberation theology were part of the same common enemy to fight anywhere in the world.
The third aspect is the anti-Russian Chechen radical group operating in Ukraine for a radicalism that leads to sharing the simplistic and unilateral assessment of the situation that tries to spread nationalism in Ukraine. To the right sector, as for the Chechens arrived in Ukraine to fight the fight in this country lacks nuance other than a plain old confrontation between the liberating forces of Maidan and imperial Russia, embodied in practice on one man, Vladimir Putin. Putin is, in fact, the real referent and sense of Chechen presence in Ukraine.
It is without doubt a distorted and dangerous view of the facts that may even cause unwanted whom, from the West, support or are sympathetic to the Chechen assistance to Ukraine problems. A significant feature of this Chechen movement in Ukraine is precisely the closeness of it to the radicalized structures mobilizing anti-Russian and pro-Chechnya who have performed in the US in recent years.
So striking to see appear between political support to Chechen Ukraine, some of the characters who both contributed in the past to the radicalization of the Chechen diaspora in cities like Boston. In 2009, one of those characters, of Ukrainian origin, defended the thesis that "The Chechen people are in the same situation as the Jews during the Holocaust," noting that Putin's regime was the result of "betrayal of the West to the best aspirations of Dudayev and Maskhadov ".
As demonstrated by the actions of the Tsarnaev in Boston, or groups of nearby Blind Sheikh, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, New York in 1993, flirting with extremists and propagators of hatred potentially poses great risks.