Tuesday, July 21, 2015

strange tweets

apparently pro rebel twitter account tweeted on the 29th june that rebels have a buk but as you can see it looks nothing like the buk {no radar pod} that later so called proof photos and the videos....and pro kiev supporters have quickly deleted and stopped tweeting about very quickly after mh17 i particular robpulse news despite at first gloating and posting the "proof" below is screenshot of this buk a twitter user david clinch @DavidClinchNews

another user @yaskar93 yara askar also tweeted the photo {unknown date} whoever see deleted the tweet photo that led me to her page

the first pro ukraine blogger i know of sharing this was robpulse news he too has quickly removed it from his twitter once has realized it looks nothing like the "official" buk photos later used by kiev  link to tweet here

while reading and article on interpreter mag information on the two plane crashes was posted here scroll down the page to see a series of tweets 

what people are not aware of is that two planes were shot down on the 17th ..mh17 and a ukraine army transport plane south east of snizhne ..in the following confusion between the two planes many news outlets used footage from the ukr army plane crash as the moment of impact a posted tweet from the pro kiev @ukraine reporter see the tweet here.....there is footage from both crashes but here is the video of crash of ukr army plane which is on the youtube channel of SERGEI SIDORENKO 

pavel aleynikov replied to this twitter user {he later deleted his post} ii which the user says that a ukraine army an-26 was also shot down on the 17th he posts a link to a now dead page with the story ...a link to the tweet here  and link to the now dead page here

pavel aleynikov was already know as the "anonymous" eyewitness by 8pm a litle over 3 hours afer the crash link to the interview request tweet here

a tweet repors that a second plane was shot down on the 17th tweet here and the borodai statement here


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